SSSTS Courses

SSSTS courses is hugely popular with site operatives, supervisors and equivalent staff. Required by the UKCG to demonstrate competence on managing health and safety, this course provides the comprehensive training required.

Training for the CITB SSSTS course is available through Knight Learning training centres right throughout the UK such as London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Exeter, Essex, Kent, Southampton and many more.

What will you learn?

  • Health & Safety law
  • Developing a Health and Safety management system
  • Occupational health
  • Fire prevention and control
  • Risk assessment and method statements
  • Hazardous substances
  • CDM regulations
  • Working at height
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Manual handling
  • Accidents and first aid


Students will receive the CITB Site Safety Plus SSSTS Qualification

The certification is valid for 5 years after which a 1 day refresher course can be taken to renew the SSSTS qualification for a further 5 years.

About the CITB SSSTS course

Understanding the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course (SSSTS)

If you are going to be granted supervisory responsibilities – or could potentially be placed in a supervisory position while working on a construction crew or on a construction project – you’re going to need to take the two day Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course (SSSTS).

An essential training program that gives new supervisors all of the “inside information” they need to perform the duties of their new position as effectively as possible (including lessons in health, safety, worker welfare, and other environmental and legal issues and responsibilities), this is the kind of mandated training that you’ll need to go through to become a professional site supervisor.

What exactly is the SSSTS?

A program that all site supervisors working on major and minor construction projects and job sites are going to want to go through (as well as a program that is completely endorsed by the United Kingdom Contractors Group as the “gold standard” for training new supervisors), the CITB SSSTS training will give you the foundational education you need moving forward.

You will get training in:

  • Your new responsibilities, duties, and charges
  • The expectations of your position as a site supervisor
  • How to manage safety and worker welfare issues on a major construction project
  • The problems that face new (and experienced) site supervisors
  • How the supervisory position fits into the grand scheme of a construction project as well as the chain of command
  • Essential on-the-job training experience so that new supervisors can “jump right in”
  • Primer course on breaking down and successfully completing supervisory paperwork, reports, and other technical forms
  • And so much more!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Who needs to go through SSSTS courses?

Anyone that hopes to hold a site supervisor position on any of the minor or major construction projects in the United Kingdom (and especially those that are determined to be UKCG jobsites) are going to want to make sure that they have this fundamental training under their belt.

Anyone that is “field promoted” to a site supervisor position will be required and encouraged to go through the SSSTS training program just as quickly as humanly possible, scheduling their training at the next available date. As mentioned above, this is a two day course (with both days attendance necessary for successful completion) and it’s likely going to be provided to you by your employer at no extra charge to you.

What’s the value of the SSSTS courses?

Obviously, any time you are talking about hiring someone to come in and manage a construction project (or any aspect of a construction project) in the United Kingdom you are asking them to take full and total responsibility for all of the assets underneath them – including human assets and the work that they perform.

By having new site supervisors go through the SSSTS training you are guaranteeing at least a minimum level of education and foundational knowledge that all site supervisors can work off of. This universal base of knowledge can help to get everyone up to speed far more effectively and efficiently than anything else, while giving them the “crash course” they need while getting an education on the job and on-the-fly!